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I finished my Graduation Project and graduated from university at June. Also, I had some medical problems because of density and stress so i went to hospital through one month. My first nephew whose name is Umut born as well. I have been uncle. For these reasons i haven’t posted anything to my blog since long time. P.S. I wanna say something to my nephew from here: i love u, sweetie :)

I graduted from english computer engineering at this year. Therefore i am glad, despite medical problems. I uploaded some photos about my graduation ceremony to this post :) If we will calculate prep class, i lived 5 years university education & life. Likewise, my complete education life is seventeen years. Thanks to all my friends and teachers for my seventeen education life.


After striving a lot through five month for setting up Software Club, in the end i set up the Software Club at Istanbul Kültür University at February 2010. In the next days, i am going to write something and share some photos about our IKU Software Club’s activities to the blog.

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