IKU Software Club Software and Technology Day’s Notes

I said too many days ago: “I will post something about our IKU Software Club’s second activity.” :) But still i couldn’t post anything about it because of my dense business. In the end, i can writing something about this activity and sharing some photos. What a good news for me :)
We hosted Daron Yöndem who is Microsoft’s Regional Director and Melike Odabaş who is Turkcell’s Market and Competitive Intelligence Specialist. Our activity began 10.00 am and finished 04.00 pm. Program was like that:
10.00-12.00: Gençsen Geleceksin 3.0
12.30-13.30: Visual Studio 2010 + WPF
13.30-16.00: Silverlight
We gave a lot of gifts to our activity attendants.
You can see some photos at below about our Software and Technology Day.

software and technology day 2

software and technology day 3

software and technology day 3

I am going to write something about third activity of IKU Software Club in my next post.

Take care..

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