What Is ESLint, What Is Used For?

ESLint is a error control and code harmony (compatibility) control library for our JavaScript codes. You can define rules for with ESLint for all codes look at the same harmony.

For example, if you define that pressing 3 times space rule for new lines and if you do not press 3 times space at the start of new lines, ESLint will warn you to take care of this rule. Especially, same type coding is important in the big software projects which are worked with many people.

On the other hand, ESLint has got templates of international software companies structures. You can select them, hence you can write your codes according to selected company’s rules. For instance, you have got Google code compatibility and Airbnb code compatibility. Especially Airbnb template is really nice, i can suggest it.

Have a good codings.. See you in other posts..

B. Aytac AGMA
Comp. Eng.

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