SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 Setup Error Code 0X84B40000

Setup has encountered the following error:

‘LandingPage’ is not a valid value for setting ‘ACTION’. Refer to Help for more information.

Error code 0X84B40000.

Hata Kodu Ekranı

If your operating system’s language is different (like as Turkish), you can encounter with the above error while you are installing SQL Server 2008.

Therefore, if you change your “Regional and Language Options” to United Kingdom or United States via “Control Panel”, you can get rid of from this problem.

After you installed SQL Server 2008 with my above solution, you can rechange your “Regional and Language Options” to own region and language again.

Good works,
Bekir Aytaç AĞMA

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  2. Fuerstenau says:

    Hi, Thanks. I was facing the same issue. Solved now Regards.

  3. Piter Jankovich says:

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  4. Olden Burger says:

    This article is very important to me, and I like it very much, I will add it to my favorites.

  5. FYI: I came across dozens of such error messages while packing silent-sqlserver-installs in a bootstrap setup. What helped me a lot was looking into the logs sql server installer creates during login. they can be found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log. Looking at the summary files leads to the source of error in most cases.

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