How to Make a Multi-Touch Pad at Home?

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I couldn’t send posts here since long time because of  intense tempo. I had got many difficult final exams, academic and nonacademic projects. Ultimately, i am going to enter to my last final exam next week.

Today i wanna speak with u about how to make a simple and cost-effective Multi-Touch Pad at ur home. Firstly, i wanna speak about briefly what is Multi-Touch. Multi-Touch is a method of interacting with a computer screen or smartphone. Instead of using a mouse or stylus pen, multi-touch allows the user to interact with the device by placing two or more fingers directly onto the surface of the screen. The movement of the fingers across the screen creates gestures, which send commands to the device.

Now we can turn to our main topic which is how to make a simple and cost-effective Multi-Touch Pad at ur home. If you can buy or if you have strong transparent glass plate, small package, package band, white A4 paper, webcam, pc and window frame (for strong transparent glass plate), you can do your own Multi-Touch Pad at your home. That’s all what you must get. Now, you are ready. Follow steps at the video.

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